Clinique High Definition Mascara

cliniqueWhy I like it

This mascara is light and can be applied in several layers to build up texture and volume. The best thing about it is the brush which has two sides. The brush side is used to coat the lashes with mascara, then by simply rotating the wand you have a comb on the other side to separate the lashes. It is allergy tested and fragrance free.

How to use it

Brush the lashes from root to tip using a side to side motion to completely coat each lash. Coat top lashes with mascara on underside from root to tip. Coat bottom lashes on topside only. Comb through lashes between applying each layer of mascara. Let each layer dry in between to build up volume and texture.

Tip : If you smear or smudge the mascara, remove with oil free make up remover using the tip of a cotton bud and gently dab the mascara away while still wet.