Abriciol from Joëlle Ciocco

joelle_abriciolWhy I like it

I wouldn’t leave home without this product in my kit. This is my favourite skin product from my favourite skin expert! It’s a moisturising gel with essential oils that smells amazing! It can be used on all types of skin as a moisturiser, softener and protector in the morning or as a moisturising boost in the evening. It protects the skin from wind, cold, water and the environment.

How to use it

In cold temperatures the texture is like a gel, in warm temperatures it’s more oily. The best way to apply it is by squeezing the pump onto clean hands and rubbing the palms together. Apply the fingertips to the brow and cheek bones or wherever you want to catch the light. The palms can be used to massage the face and neck. It can also be used on top of make up to freshen up the skin after the model has been under the lights for 10 hours! It smells good, it feels good and it gives a fresh glow to the skin.

Tip : It’s also great after a long flight or exposure to sun.
On men it can be used after shaving to soften the skin.