La Roche-Posay

la_roche_posay_siliciumLa Roche-Posay

Silicium – Protective Fortifying Nail Polish

This nail polish is designed for fragile nails. It is a fortifying treatment enriched in Silicium to repair and reinforce nails. There are 15 Intense colours. Protects nails from UV rays, prevents yellowing and provides long-lasting shine. It is hypoallergenic.

Tip: Apply 2 coats to the entire nail from the base to the tip.

Respectissime – High Tolerance, Lengthening, Amplifying Mascara

This black mascara is formulated with a fortifying polymer to smooth the lashes and to boost the lashes from base to tip. It contains purified pigments and reconstituted lacrymal liquid for optimal ocular comfort. It can be used on sensitive eyes and by contact lens wearers. Exists in Waterproof.
Tip: Brush the wand from roots to tips of lashes. For a more dramatic effect, apply 2 – 3 coats of mascara, waiting until each coat has dried fully before applying the next coat.

Novalip Duo

This lipstick is a new formula with 3 actions. The 8% concentrate glycerine moisturizes the lips to make them soft and full, the D-panthenol has a long-lasting repairing and healing effect and the micro-exfoliating LHA smoothes the lips preparing them to receive the pigmentation. The result is long-lasting, moisturized lip colour thanks to the centre of the lipstick being a transparent circle of moisturizing lip balm. It is available in 15 shades (only sold in pharmacies) and is perfect for sensitive skin. Formulated to minimize the concentration of nickel, it does not contain perfume.

Tip: All 3 of these products can be used by people undergoing chemotherapy.