Celgenics Moisturiser and Toning

moisturiser-plus_elixir_252px-x265pxCELGENICS MOISTURISER PLUS

This is a blend of organic plant oils and anti-oxidents for really dry skin. It improves the texture and creates the perfect base before applying make up as it leaves a beautiful matte finish.

Tip: Mix one pump of moisturiser onto palm with 2 drops of energy elixir no 3. toning and firming oil. Rub hands together and use palms to massage into neck and jawline area. Working upwards use fingertips to massage delicate eye contour area and forehead.


Celgenics Elixir No.3 is created from a unique complex of plant remedies that are very similar to a high potency homeopathic remedy (where there are no molecules left of the original substance) or a flower essence such as Rescue Remedy. They are therefore ‘energetic remedies’ that are used to create the elixir.

Each plant remedy is chosen for its individual contribution to the process of regeneration and repair and for toning and firming. When combined together they become much greater than the sum of the individual plants. Their therapeutic effect for toning and firming means the Elixir is ideal for women wanting to firm up the jaw line, improve the appearance of skin on the neck and décolleté and strengthen facial connective tissue.

Includes English Yew for anti-inflammation and purification. Wild Yam to provide balance and help with loss of oestrogen. Sarsparilla for hormonal regulation. Horsetail to increase collagen production and Arnica Montana which is anti inflammatory.

The original plants are ecologically grown, organic and have been tested for pollutants such as herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

Tip: As mentioned above, mix 2 or 3 drops of elexir with moisturizer and massage onto face and neck. I have noticed a real improvement in the jaw line area.