The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer – Nicola Bourne

9781514315583_p0_v1_s192x300I know this is a beauty blog but there are a lot of women out there with cancer and we all know someone who has cancer so I decided to share this book with you.

Not so much about Nicola’s personal journey with cancer, more of a how to get through the experience in general for those who have cancer and those who want to help.

This uplifting book is filled with useful tips such as getting a family member to scour the web for you once you have been diagnosed with cancer, to how to tell your children, or how to socialise and have a spa day at home. Full of useful information on where to go to find the help you need. One review says that Nicola is like the best friend you wish you had to guide you on your journey through cancer.

Nicola also happens to be my niece. We have a long history of cancer in our family and I am so proud of Nicola being able to realise her dream of writing a book and sharing her wealth of information to help others.