Eyebrow Grooming by Angelik Iffennecker

12195755_10153361471092901_5162123314454717930_n3 steps to easy eyebrows

1. Brush the eybrows from roots to tips using the eyebrow brush into desired shape.

2.  Use small strokes to mimic the actual hair of the brows. The pencil can be used to fill in patches, create an arch or extend the length of the brows.  The texture of the pencils are dry so they don’t smudge.

3. These small lines can be softened using the mascara wand of the gel which sets the eyebrows in place. Leave gel to dry. Gel can be used on its own to groom unruly eyebrows.

The key to these 3 steps is using the correct colour pencil. With 11 shades to choose from and a chart defining hair colour shades in warm and cold tones, its easy to choose your shade to match the colour of your hair and skin tone.

Tip: Pencils can also be used to cover a scar on the brows or by men wishing to enhance or fill in their brows, mustache or beard. For more info go to lesourcil.com