Lauren Napier Cleansing Wipes

cleanse-759x500I had the pleasure to meet Lauren Napier recently at the BeautyMart Trans-seasonal Beauty Show in London. I’m a massive fan of her individually wrapped cleansing wipes so it was fantastic to meet the lady in person.

Cleanse by Lauren Napier is a luxury item you should not leave home without. I always keep them in my makeup bag as well as my personal bag and my gym bag. They are compact, light and essential when you need them!

Not just a makeup remover, these wipes also prep and refresh skin before makeup application. Great for cleaning up make-up mishaps or makeup that has run or become tired and dried out during the day.

All natural ingredients include aloe and cucumber to maintain moisture and improve radiance, chamomile and marshmallow root extracts to reduce redness and inflammation, and oat kernel extracts to attract moisturiser into the skin and reduce fine lines.

Due to the fact they are individually wrapped they don’t dry out. All packaging is 100% recyclable.

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