Beauty Tips for Asian Skin Tones in Brides Magazine July 2017

Olivia Falcon talks to Tracey Gray Mann for beauty tips for Asian skin tones.

TMG: Asian skin tends to be oiler than caucasian skin which leaves individuals of Asian descent more susceptible to acne and reddening of the skin. Asian skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation, freckles and general unevenness of skin tone with age rather than wrinkles.

What advice would you give to asian brides who are looking for a great eye shadow colour – is there a colour or palette you can suggest that’s universally flattering – can brides get away with a bit of colour? What colours should asian Brides steer clear of?

TMG: I used the Dior 796 Cuir Cannage palette on my last wedding makeup shoot. The 2 lighter colors work great for highlights. There is a matt taupe color which can be used in the crease of the eye or contouring and a couple of darker plum colours for definition. All these shades would work well on Asian skin. Avoid anything too fashion orientated. Remeber you’ll be looking at those photo’s for a long time!

What the best mascara for opening up eyes – any tips or tricks for applying?

TMG: Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof mascara really opens the eyes. The ‘bobble’ wand lifts and separates and coats all of the lashes.

Any rules on matching eye colour and lip colour – should they match on your wedding day or should you go for a contrast?

TMG: There are no rules but I would use more neutral tones around the eyes with a waterproof eyeliner to define the shape of the eyes. A strong lip or a natural lip both work well with this.

What colour blush would suit an asian skintone best – and is cream formulation or powder better?

TMG: Personally I prefer a cream blush, I think it looks more natural. A peach color for lighter skin and rose for more olive tones.

When asian skin is tired and dull looking, do you have any tips or tricks to waken it up with make up?

TMG: A cellular water spray like Esthederm freshens and livens up skin like an energy bomb. It can be used over makeup. Then reapply tired makeup. A hint of blush and natural lip gloss add warmth and shine.

For wedding day photos everyone wants dewy looking skin but sometimes this ends up looking too shiny – any tips on how to avoid this?

TMG: Start by using a moisutrizer like Bioderma Sebium Mat Control. Use a matt foundation and only highlight the areas you want to shine. This could be the brow bones, cheekbones, centre of the nose or cupids bow. You could try highlighting underneath the middle of the lower lashes to open the eye.

What would you advise for lips? Any pretty new colours that would be good for brides?

TMG: A lip pencil used all over the lips will produce long lasting color. Lip gloss in the centre will add depth and shine. You could try using a lipstick stain which tends to last longer. If you prefer using a regular lipstick, apply the first coat and then matt by applying translucent loose powder over a single layer of tissue placed over the mouth (don’t “bite” it). Reapply lipstick and it will last longer. My new favorite is Glo&Ray Wonderland Hydrating lip gloss in Fairy Dust. I also used a tiny bit on the centre of the eyelids which added mystery and shine.